Events, Groups & Block Rooms


In collaboration with Body4Yoga, Better Energy Every Day, and The Convergent Method, Pier Walk's first wellness event this last July was a major success! The ladies-only retreat featured yoga on Deerfield beach, sound healing, and various health workshops. A special shoutout goes to the invaluable contribution of Doctor Susan, whose expertise and support infused the event with positive energy and brought smiles to all. With such a fantastic response, Pier Walk eagerly anticipates their return next year for another remarkable gathering filled with good vibes and happy faces!

This event combined 7 units for over a dozen attendees and organizers, representing 35% of our total availability at Pier Walk that weekend. With 20 units and 22 total listings, Pier Walk can host groups from 2 up to 16 guests at a time! Perfect for larger groups, families, and local events. Bookings for more than 16 guests can be arranged on a custom basis. Pier Walk can host up to 50 guests between all 20 units. 


Our 4 apartment listing that sleeps 16 guests combines the largest apartments at Pier Walk and can be reserved online in one booking. Or, for 12-16 guests, we can combine 6 apartments overlooking the pool deck that are all adjacent and facing each other on the first floor providing easy access to the shared laundry room, pool bathroom and pool shower 24 hours a day. Please keep us in mind for your weddings, events, seminars and conventions!